Pulastya was one of the ten Prajapati or mind-born sons of Brahma
One of the Saptarishis in the first Manvantara.

Wife – Havirbhoo, daoughter of Kardam Rishi

Son – Maharshi Agastya and Visravas

  • He was father of Visravas who was the father of Kubera and Ravana
  • He was the medium through which some of the Puranas were communicated to man. He received the Vishnu Purana from Brahma and communicated it to Parashara, who made it known to mankind.

    This fact is obtained from the Vishnu Purana. When Parasara got to know that his father had been devoured by a Rakshasa employed by Visvamitra, he started a sacrifice for the destruction of the Rakshasas. Seeing this extreme violence Parasara’s grandfather Vasishtha tried to pacify him assigning his son’s (Parasara’s father’s) death as the work of destiny.Parasara ceased from his sacrifice. Pulastya was pleased and gave a boon to Parasar that he would become the author of a summary of the Puranas. Parasara relates the Purana as told to him formerly by Vasishtha and Pulastya.


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