Narada is one of the Prajapatis and the sons of Creator Brahma.

Father – Lord Brahma

Brahmachari (bachelor) for life

1. Literary works

Narada is the author of the Pancaratra, a standard text for Vaisnava’s priests which contains the technical and philosophical meanings of the temple deity worship.

He carries a veena as his musical instrument (and not a tampura as is commonly assumed) which he uses to accompany his singing of hymns, prayers and mantras as an act of devotion to Lord Vishnu.

2. First journalist on Earth

He was the primary source of information among Gods, and is believed to be the first journalist on Earth.

One of his name is “triloka sanchaari” because he as a nomad roams around three lokas, namely, Swargaloka (heaven), Mrityuloka (earth, literally: “place of death”) and Patalloka (nether-world) to find out about the life and welfare of people.

He is also known as “kalahapriya” as he mischievously causes quarrels amongst Devtas, Asuras, Gods and Goddesses and people.


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