Angirasa is one of the ten Prajapatis who were created from Lord Brahma’s body and mind.
He is also one of the Sapta Rishis of the current (seventh) Manvantar.

Wife – Suroopa; according to some other accounts Suadha , the daughter of Daksha  (both women might be same)

Sons – Brihat Keerti (Utadhya), Brihat Jyoti (Samvarta), Brihat Brahma, Brihan Manas, Brihan Mantra, Brihat Bhanu, Brihaspati
Daughters – Bhanumati, Raka, Cinee Vali, Ekaneka, Archishamati, Mahishmati, Mahamati

  • Angirasa is said to have composed the very first verse of the Rig Veda , the hymn to Agni.
  • Along with Sage Atharvan, Angirasa is credited to have formulated (“heard”) most of the fourth Veda called Atharvaveda. He is also mentioned in the other three Vedas.
  • The name Angirasas is applied generically to several Puranic individuals and things; a class of Pitris, the ancestors of man according to Hindu Vedic writings, and probably descended from the sage Angiras. In the Rigveda, Agni is sometimes referred to as Angiras or as a descendant of Angiras (RV 1.1). In the Rigveda, Indra drives out cows from where they had been imprisoned by either a demon (Vala) or multiple demons (the Panis) and gifts them to the Angirasas (RV 3.31, 10.108 and a reference in 8.14). Mandala 6 of the Rigveda is attributed to a family of Angirasas.
  • All of the sages in his lineage are known to have “Angirasa” or “Angir” as their last name. One of his most notable descendants was Rishi Bharadwaja.
  • According to some legends one of Angirasa’s son, Samvarta is still in his physical body and is living as a wandering naked monk in Varanasi and small forests around it in a state of total “Vairagya” and absolute union with “Para Brahman”. He is of intense nature and outlook and acts like a lunatic. He is known to shun the company of humans and would curse and throw stones at people who try to see him. But if anybody perseveres and gets his darshan, he would bless them with liberation
  • According to many Buddhist texts, Lord Buddha is said to be a descendant of Sage Angirasa.

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