The place which helped Lord Shiva get rid of the heat when he drank the Halahala – Gosaikunda Lake

Lord Shiva drinking Halahala

Lord Shiva drinking Halahala

One of the products that came out of the Samudra Manthan was Halaha (poison). The poison was so powerful that it could annihilate the entire universe. And it was the Maha Yogi, Lord Shiva who came to the rescue of everyone and inhaled the poison. As a result, the color of Lord Shiva’s neck turned blue giving him the name “Nilakanta” (the one with the blue throat). When the heat from the poison finally became unbearable for Lord Shiva, he used his trishul to dig for water, thus forming the Gosaikunda Lake.

Gosaikunda Lake

Gosaikunda Lake

Gosaikunda is an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Langtang National Park, located at an altitude of 14,370 ft above sea level in the Rasuwa District of Nepal.

The lake melts and sips down to form the Trishuli river and remains frozen for six months in winter October to June. There are 108 lakes in this area, small to medium in size.

Hindu mythology attributes Gosaikunda as the abode of Hindu deities Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri. Its holy waters are considered of particular significance during Gangadashahara and the sacred thread festival Janai Purnima when thousands of pilgrims from Nepal and India visit the area.

Gosaikunda is a significant place of interest in the Dhunche-Helambu trekking route.


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