Brahmajee’s Step 3 – The Prajapatis

PrajapatisAfter the initial setbacks, Brahma was more than ever determined to create further. This resulted in the following 10 creations from Brahma’s body and mind –

  1. Marici – from his mind
  2. Atri – from his eyes
  3. Angira – from his mouth
  4. Pulastya – from his ears
  5. Pulaha – from his navel
  6. Kratu – from his hand
  7. Bhrigu – from his touch
  8. Vasistha – from his life-air
  9. Daksha – from his thumb
  10. Narada – from his lap

All of them are also known as the ‘Prajapatis‘.

Brahma didn’t stop here and carried on with following creations –

  1. Dharma (religion) – from the right side of his breast
  2. Adharma (irreligion) – from his back
  3. Kaam (lust) – from his heart
  4. Krodh (anger) – from his eyebrows
  5. Lobh (greed) – from his lower lip
  6. Saraswati – from his mouth
  7. Samudra (oceans) – from his penis
  8. Nir-riti (reservoir of all vices) – from his anus

In addition to all this Kardama Muni manifested from his shadow.

But after all these activities an untoward incident took place and Brahma had to leave his body.

What made Brahma dessert his body and seek penance? And more importantly why is Brahma not worshipped as much Vishnu and Shiva? Why a handful of temples dedicated to Brahma whereas infinite temples and places dedicated to the other two individuals of the Trimurti?

Answer to all these questions in the next post.


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